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Happy Clients

“When I first sat down with Dawn, a little unsure of what life coaching would be like, I just took it all in, listened to her speak for a bit to see if it was something that would help that little itch I was having to do big things.  The moment she said, "I work with the understanding that there is nothing missing or wrong in your life, but that we are working with what gifts and strengths are already there", I knew this was it.  She has a magical gift herself to help reflect what she sees in you: all that is good. She is a force of intelligence and optimism.  Dawn encourages you to take what is being presented and be active and productive in a very positive way.  What I thought would be a 5 year plan to start my own business turned out to be just less than a year!  Now my partner and I are happy in our personal relationship and in our professional, I eat more salads and take better care of myself, my credit score has improved, and I feel excited for the future. Better than that, whenever life throws a curve-ball, I think WWDS? What would Dawn Suggest?  It helps.” 


Devin K., Business Owner & Instructor

"Choosing to work with Dawn was easy.  She has a very professional, yet humble approach, and her expertise within the business world was valuable. Since coaching, I have reached significant results in many areas; defining my most valuable values, understanding my own behavior and reconfirming things I enjoy doing outside of work.  Also, I have become better at expressing what I want in life; I think this is a win-win for both me and my wife.  Another important change is at work. I've become better at taking a step backwards, rather than reacting.  This results in me having more time to reflect and gives my team a chance to evolve and take ownership of the issues at hand."


L.B. Corporate Executive, Sweden

"Since working with Dawn, my life has completely turned around. Before coaching, I was dealing with a difficult separation, long-term unemployment, and the trauma of a scary accident that totaled my car. Within weeks, I landed a full-time job that is beyond what I could have ever imagined (and pays much more than I ever hoped for); I am back with my husband and rebuilding a brand-new marriage; and I am no longer paralyzed by fear of driving."


S.K., Yoga Instructor, Writing Coach

"As a new business owner and a new mom, I was struggling with work/life balance and feeling swept away in the "bigness" of both responsibilies, with a sense of having lost myself.  I was overwhelmed and I felt desperate. Someone recommened Dawn to me and I figured, "why not?  I have to try something."  Since working with Dawn, I don't feel lost anymore. I feel like I have come back to myself, to dreams that were lost.  I have goals now.  I have a sense of vision and self.  I have a life board and I am reminded daily of who I am becoming.  I have morning self-care routines.  (I wake up, journal, meditate and exercise).  None of this was happening before I started life coaching.  I feel happy, I have purpose, I have time and instead of being overwhelmed, I am determine and more productive!"


K.M., Entrepreneur, Writer

"From our first conversation, I have shifted perspectives on something that was really heavy on me personally.  I'm still kind of spinning that you were able to take on a curveball like that one and give me questions that promote my learning and analysis in that relationship and others."


M.M. Social Entrepreneur, Washington, D.C. 

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