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Life is meant to be lived, explored and cherished.  We're here to live on purpose with fire, commitment and passion!  


Hiring a life coach means you're ready to take Your Dreams, Your Desires and Your Needs seriously.  Saying YES to coaching is giving a huge nod to the universe that something amazing is about to happen.....because IT IS!  You're ready to LIVE your life on your terms and that changes everything.

My personalized 1:1 coaching program is designed to provide you with the personalized attention needed to listen to the voice within, carve out time for you and to take action on the dream calling to you.  Your dreams matter.  They are important.  They deserve to be tended to. 


Discover what happens when you Embrace Your Life!

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey!

Dawn Broadwell, CPCC

Life & Business Coach 

Discover & Own the Great Work of Your Life
6 Month High Level 1:1 Coaching Program


There's comes a time when we know deep in our soul that there's sacred work that we must do in the world.  We can't push it off any longer.   The nudges are too strong to ignore.  The only decision we truly have to make is:  Will we deny or embrace the life that is calling to us?

I've had to make this decision at two critical times in my life.  The first when I worked in high-tech PR in Boston and felt the call to live a simpler, more meaningful life.  Within a short time, I decided to leave that career, start a business with my husband (with no Plan B), while raising a 6 month old and relocating to the beautiful Berkshires.  We went on to have our second child and then we launched another business 2 years later.  That was 14 years ago and today both businesses are still thriving. 


It wouldn't be until the businesses were fully established, with systems & processes in place, that I would start to feel the call again.  This time is was to discover a new path of work for me that would make a true impact in the world!   The call was urgent and it wouldn't subside.  I hired a coach and started the inner work to determine what was next for me.  That path led me to coaching.  The true divine work that I know I'm meant to do.  

This high-level 1:1 coaching program will give you the support and guidance you need to look deep inside and discover the Great Work that you're meant to do in the world.    Together we will uncover what's truly next for you and develop a fully aligned plan for bringing this Work into the world.

It's time!  The world needs each of us to step boldly and confidently into the Work that is calling to us.  It is only by coming fully alive and living on purpose that we can serve the times we live in today. Our gifts are needed.

"If you bring forth what is inside you, it will save you..."  Walt Whitman

In this program, you will:  

  • Gain absolute clarity on the work that you are meant to do in the world (even if you have no idea right now!)

  • Determine your Core Values and learn how leveraging them will empower you to naturally lead with authority and compassion. (2 hour intensive)

  • Develop a rocking self-care plan that will have you taking the best care of you, while you are stretching and reaching for more.  

  • Connect with your Higher Self and learn how to connect with this powerful source of inspiration and guidance on a daily basis.  (This is a client favorite!)

  • Learn your own personal strengths and how you can leverage them to be a leader at home and in business.  HINT:  They are not the same.

  • Release your fears and lead with authority and passion!

  • Access to me 1:1 each week during 60 minute coaching sessions either in my Berkshire office or via Zoom

  • Homework assignments to lock in the learning.

What do you have to lose?    Book a Discovery Call to Learn More !





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